Why Linkedin Profile Is A Key To Get Hired Fast In Ireland

If you are willing to boost your professional position and build a network with personnel with the same industry interest; then you need to get a strong presence on LinkedIn.

Do you know, if you have an engaging LinkedIn profile – you have a higher probability to get attention from many hiring managers? So, do you think recruiters will only hire potential employees based on a strong LinkedIn appearance? No, that is not true either.

To apply for your favorite job position – you need to make a prominent LinkedIn appearance and an impressive CV for example; a CV that strikes the attention of a recruiter within no time.

But before paying attention to your CV – you need to focus on your LinkedIn profile as well. Give it a revamp by hiring professional LinkedIn profile writers and editors and there you go.

There are a few job positions where job hunters apply for the vacant position on LinkedIn. This is the time when your recruiter will look at your LinkedIn profile first and then open your job application to check if you are credible for the job. While there are situations where you have to drop your CV to a corporate and then they look for your name on LinkedIn.

So, no matter if you are a teenager, or still an undergraduate student lying under the “student category” – but it will be great if you take out a few hours to establish your LinkedIn account from scratch.

You may be worried and confused that what should you add to your resume as you are a freshie with less experience. No worries at all! You can learn some courses, or apply for a few certifications that can help you a big-time in the future. So, always remember that having an up-to-date LinkedIn account is equally important as having a CV or resume on hand.

Is It Important To Get Your Linkedin Profile Optimized?

If you are living in Ireland – you can not escape from making an account on LinkedIn. It is said that there are around 2 million LinkedIn users present only in Ireland who are scrolling through the job hunting site to look for a suitable job opening. Your recruiter will have a look at your LinkedIn profile first before considering you for the job position in most cases.

Tips To Increase Your Linkedin Visibility

For the recent graduates out there, we have listed below a few exceptional tips that will help you in accelerating your professional career and grabbing the attention of your hiring managers.

  1. Profile Picture Matters

Study shows that LinkedIn profiles with more pictures have 21 times more profile views and 9 times more connection requests. So, make sure you have a perfect profile picture that shows who you are. You can not upload a picture of a cartoon character and expect a professional to send you a connection request. Upload a professional picture that fits perfectly to your LinkedIn account.

  1. Know How To Pitch Yourself

Linkedin, the summary or About section is a chance to sell oneself to a recruiter or hiring manager. To convey your expertise and capabilities, you can use bullet points or the introductory line from your curriculum vitae. Ensure to also include your job’s keywords. Prospective employers use these terms when looking for qualified applicants.

  1. A powerful headline

You don’t need to include your headline as your present work title or even use the line “seeking opportunities.” You can use the job title you’re searching for or the experience you’ve already gained in a similar role.

  1. Fill the gaps in your LinkedIn profile

Your CV and Linkedin profiles should be equivalent, with no gaps. If you worked in a non-related profession during schooling and trying to find a job, you can list that too. For instance,  ‘I financed myself with this position during my education,’ write in the job information area. Recruiters despise gaps and respect sincerity.

3 Benefits For Having A Potent Linkedin Profile

If you are a little occupied with your family, college, or job – you can simply ask some top-notch writers to look after your LinkedIn profile and update one for you by providing you with all the necessary information. You can also ask these expert writers to compose an interesting CV to apply for work.

The benefits of having an impressive LinkedIn profile includes:

  • You can exhibit your compatibilities, skills, expertise, and educational background on a professional platform.
  • You can use LinkedIn as a search tool to look for a suitable job.
  • You have an option to increase your connections
  • You can join LinkedIn groups to gain professionalism and interact with people.


LinkedIn is the best social media site that can help you to get your hands on the perfect job in town. Use it well with your brain. The secret of using LinkedIn is to keep it up-to-date all the time. React and comment on your connection’s posts to be more visible to people and get noticed by hiring managers!

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