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Discover the Best-Paying Professions in Cork

Have you ever dreamt about starting over with your life in a faraway land? Or are you not getting paid sufficiently from your boring 9-5 job and want to look for a paid job to make some extra $$$?

Well, then, some of the best-paying professions in Cork, Ireland, are just what you need. But you don’t know anything about them. What to do now?

Start counting your blessings because we have compiled a detailed list of the top 4 highest paying jobs in Cork, Ireland in 2024. Bull’s eye!

By getting familiar with these professions, you can earn more than you currently earn. Moreover, you will also have a healthy work-life balance, which you had no idea about. This is mainly because there is no concept for the 9-5 workers.

As a matter of fact, only knowing about these best-paying professions is not going to do you any good. You will have to make a lot of effort and struggle to attain your dream job because there is surely immense competition for high-paying jobs. However, if you are genuinely dedicated and put your expertise to work then, there is no force that will help you land some brilliant opportunities.

So, what are we waiting for? Let us get the gears turning without wasting any more minutes.


Detailed List Of 4 Best Paying Jobs In Cork, Ireland


From managing the expenses and income of a company to keeping track of all financial records, an accountant has to cater to a broad set of responsibilities. Most of these responsibilities circulate around the financial activities. If you are good with numbers but bad with words, we suggest hiring an online CV writing service to help you secure this job.

  • Responsibilities: You are most likely to get this job if you have the propensity for record maintenance, organizational skills, revolve around figures, and great mathematical calculations. If you find yourself having these skills, then go and avail this amazing chance through your statistical mindset.
  • Education: Because there are a lot of laws, rules, and regulations that need to be applied, a degree in accounting is crucial to getting this job. However, many companies further demand special certificates or licenses.
  • Key Skills/Traits: As mentioned above, this job revolves around numbers and numbers only. So, a propensity for mathematics, keeping records, and calculations is massively crucial. Moreover, great organizational skills are also immensely important to become a successful accountant.


Chief Executive Officer CEO:

Acting as a link between employees and the company’s executive branch is an awesome opportunity, no? The most extraordinary part about the role of the Chief Executive Officer is that he is the 2nd person in any organization’s hierarchal chain. Quality control, human resource management, as well as operation management are some of the basic functions that can enhance your chances of getting this job.

  • Responsibilities: The CEO is responsible for each and every activity within an organization. It suggests that they are responsible for any company’s prosperity. On the other hand, they are also the ones to answer if it fails. They have to oversee every employee’s performance and use efficient strategies to make sure that they stay up to the mark.
  • Education: Even though a degree is not mandatory (especially if you are the founder of a company like Steve Jobs), it is highly recommended. A degree that is specific to the occupation you want to apply to is highly beneficial.

Moreover, if you want to stay competitive, you can boost your experience and education with a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA).

  • Key Skills/Traits: Perfect organizational skills along with a strong work ethic are required to climb the ladder of corporate hierarchy if you wish to become a Chief Executive Officer. You must possess a thirst for progress, persistence, and an ironclad work ethic. Furthermore, a proven track record in the same industry will also enhance your chances of becoming the head of the corporate table.


VP of Engineering:

The high-paying jobs primarily settle accounts due to them being highly demanding. These job positions require the person to perform several job responsibilities. Being a VP is no different from other best-paying jobs in this regard.

  • Responsibilities: This job position is not only in charge of the supervision of technical issues, but they also cater to administrative activities. Moreover, a VP of Engineering might also take on the responsibility of carrying on a technical project from time to time. This can add to the stress of an already tight deadline and an extremely demanding position.
  • Education: A massive part of a VP of Engineering’s job is to cater to extremely technical projects and activities; this is why an engineering degree is mostly required for this position. However, many companies also take onboard candidates with related technical degrees with adequate experience working in the same field. One more thing that will add more to your chances of getting hired is having your application written by online and professional CV writers in Cork.
  • Key Skills/Traits: Apart from ambition and experience, technical knowledge appropriate to your field is crucial for this position. Mainly because you must progress through various positions to be recruited as a VP of engineering. Other than that, great communication skills are extremely vital as you will be required to lead your team and coordinate with them.


Head of Compliance/Risk Management:

This highly paid profession is for those candidates who conclude positive deals and manage risk by consulting and assessing industries on potential threats to their gainfulness. Moreover, you must have great attention to detail along with solid interpersonal skills to become a potential candidate for this position.

  • Responsibilities: This job enables the candidates to deal with avoiding, consulting, and accessing companies on probable threats. Mostly, these officers have contingency plans to assist them in subsidizing a threat’s effects on the company’s assets. Moreover, they are also in charge of validating these plans.
  • Education: There is no specific degree requirement to become a risk manager or head of compliance. However, mostly candidates with degrees in finance, law, or economics are given more priority over the ones who don’t. To start your career as a Head of Compliance or Risk Management, it is mandatory that you get certified.
  • Key Skills/Traits: It is no secret that both of these occupations require the candidate to work with numbers and deal with calculations. Therefore, having a mind for numbers is crucial. Beyond that, an eye for detail as well as solid interpersonal skills, are very beneficial.


Summing It All Up:

There you have it: a comprehensive guide to the best-paying professions in Cork, Ireland. But, by now, we are sure you have understood well that securing these jobs might be easy at first, but the responsibilities that come with them can be quite overwhelming. So, only apply for them if you are ready to take on such huge responsibilities.

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