10 Common Job Search Difficulties

Are you struggling to land a job? If yes, then you are not alone.

There is a number of people who are facing this issue due to some common mistakes that are hurting their chance of getting a job. From a lack of necessary experience to an immense pool of competition, it feels impossible to move ahead.

But don’t stress out anymore because we are here to assist you. With continued efforts and effective strategies, you can overcome these job search hurdles and secure your dream placement.

So, let’s explore a few common difficulties that you face while searching for a job and some actionable tips to beat them.

Some Frequent Job Hunt Obstacles That Are Not Letting You Get Your Desired Role

Once the candidates enter the job market after completing their studies, they impatiently want to acquire a job without delay.

And that’s where they get hit by a few barriers that stop them from achieving their goal. Most of them think that it is because of their ineffective resume and get help from various graduate CV writers in Ireland. But still, it doesn’t solve the problem because they are not aware of the job search issues they are facing.

You don’t have to tackle the same frequent difficulties as we are listing a few of them below with their solutions. So keep them in mind while finding your next role.

Not Molding Your CV According To The Job Requirement

If you believe in a one-paper-fit-all approach, then you are mistaken.

Every job has its own requirements. Thus, it is vital to tailor your resume according to the asked demands. Due to that, you can showcase to the recruiter that you possess all the qualities of the right candidate.

You can conquer this issue by adjusting your CV according to the job description of your desired position. As a result, you can pass the ATS screening and demonstrate how skillful and experienced you are for a particular role.

Not Taking Benefit Of Digital Media

People who haven’t changed their jobs for a longer period and who are not tech enthusiasts face this issue. This digital era relies on social media and digital platforms, so you will miss opportunities if you don’t take advantage of them for job hunting.

By staying updated on platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed, you can interact with various employers. As a result, you can come across a number of job openings and build connections that can lead you to your dream position.

Not Updating Your Social Media

Most employers search for people on non-professional social channels like Facebook or Twitter to know a candidate in a better way. As a result, they sometimes make their decision based on how your profile looks online.

Thus, to defeat this one, it is suggested to keep your social media updated and remove all the postings that look a bit informal. You can get assistance from the best CV agency in Ireland to get information about how to make your profile more professional. This approach can help you increase your chances of getting your desired placement.

Skipping Errors In Your Job Application

Attention to detail is crucial when it comes to job applications. Small typos and grammar errors can make a big difference in how a reviewer perceives your application. Don’t let a simple mistake hold you back from landing your dream job.

To avoid these silly errors, it is advised to insert the right information and recheck your draft after you finish writing.

Discrimination In The Hiring Process

Sometimes, hiring managers select a candidate from a group of people they already know or prefer a person with an internal referral. In this case, do remember that there is nothing wrong with you.

All you can do is showcase yourself as an expert in that field and possess all the qualities that they ask for. Maybe this will change their mind.

Applying For Roles, You Feel 100% Qualified For

Most of the time, recruiters include more requirements than the actual ones that are necessary for a particular position. Eventually, people end up leaving that post because they don’t feel 100% qualified for it.

You should apply for the ones that tick most of the experiences and skills you own. As a result, you can test your potential and strengthen your capabilities.

Not Utilizing Any Offline Networks

You are missing the chances of getting a great opportunity if you only depend on online networks for searching for a job.

Therefore, it is recommended to attend various in-person professional events. It will help you build lasting connections. As a result, you can obtain valuable contacts from potential recruiters or prove your expertise to industry professionals.

Too Much Competition

Often, people apply for a job where the queue of applicants is already pretty long, resulting in competition.

Moreover, online application aids more and more professionals in seeking the same role. Due to this reason, employers only select the most skilled candidates.

If you want to win this battle, then you must arm yourself with the perfect resume and excel in the interview. Make sure you market yourself as the best fit for a particular position.

Not Following Up

If you haven’t received a response from the employer after submitting your job application or giving an interview, then you must try this step.

Sending a follow-up email is a great way to express your interest in a particular job. Make sure it is written in a polite and professional manner.

Not Prepared For The Interviews

One of the major mistakes that candidates make is to not go for an interview well-prepared.

Due to this reason, most people are not getting the job of their dreams. Thus, it is recommended to do your research and practice before heading toward an interview. We bet your efforts will surely pay off.


So take a little break from your job hunting and examine if you are making any of the above-mentioned mistakes or not.

The fact is, if you manage to defeat these obstacles, then you can easily get the role you desire. We have covered a few of the significant errors that are stopping you from availing an opportunity. So keep these barriers in mind and stay positive and consistent. If you follow the recommendation that we have stated above, we are sure that your job search journey will end in no time. So what are you waiting for now? Evaluate these mistakes, compose a winning resume, write an error-free application, and give your best in the interview. With the right mindset and preparation, you’ll be unstoppable on your journey to success.

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