8 Job Hunting Tips to Get Your Dream Role in 2023

Looking around for job hunting tips for 2023, so you can secure a lucrative role and make $$$$? You are not alone! 30% of the employees switch their job after every 12 months and every online job advertisement receives approximately 250 applications.

While everyone climbs the ladder of career success at an average speed, don’t you aim to put on your crimson cape and beat other applicants? We know you secretly wish for that. But the over-competitive sphere of job hunters has been making it difficult for recruiters to spin the “YES” decision. For that reason, HRs look for an X factor to finally roll out the positive decision.

“Wait, what X factor? I have an excellent professional history!”

If you think that way, you have been living in a fool’s paradise. Along with professional history, recruiting managers need potential reasons to hire you. And this article is going to reveal the best employment-securing hacks trending in 2023. Once you implement these job-hunting tips for 2023, you’ll never be away from a bigger paycheck.

Let’s find them out:

Building Blocks Of A Resume That Gets Selected: Job Hunting Tips For 2023

Don’t Miss ATS

Technology has greatly oiled the wheels for hiring managers. The recruiter passes every received resume through ATS to choose the best possible candidate. Documents that successfully pass through this tracking system are considered for the next step.

Imagine hundreds of job hunters applying for a similar role. Despite being the ideal candidate, you aren’t invited for the interview because your resume didn’t satisfy the bots. Not only you, but 75% of the submitted vitaes never land on the recruiter’s desk!

ATS needs to be taken seriously. Opt for our professional CV writing services in Ireland if you aren’t familiar with keyword research or incorporation. We write high-quality, customized and ATS-friendly CVs for job seekers.

Market Yourself Online

Make sure you update your profile to full effect! Hiring managers scout for fresh talent through online platforms like LinkedIn. There’s no secret that LinkedIn is a plentiful resource of networks and opportunities. LinkedIn can be your rescue if you aim to connect with professionals from the era’s leading companies. In 2022, 35.5 million job seekers were hired through this online platform.

This means your work history, accomplishments, and other relevant information should be perfectly updated. Often recruiters’ cross-check CVs with information mentioned on LinkedIn, and if they are unable to join the dots – the resume is tossed into the “rejected pile.”

Prove Your Performance

The best hack to escape the ordinary is to prove your performance through stats. While mentioning your role in bulleted points, give a quick overview of the ways you helped your company succeed. Let us make it easy for you:

Instead of writing “Handled social media.”

Mention “Handled social media, improved engagement by X%, and enhanced traffic by X%.”

The second option seems more convincing, as it has evidence to back your claim. Besides, it leaves a lasting impact on the manager reading your document. Therefore, prove your performance by practicing this job-hunting tip for 2023.

However, bragging about how much you were overburdened in your previous role isn’t highly recommended. Instead of over-mentioning your responsibilities, try communicating what you achieved.

Mention About Passions And Interests

When you are invited for an interview, the recruiters have already gathered enough ideas about your professional experience. They are interested in knowing about you as a person. Mentioning your passion and interests works as an ice-breaker. The hiring manager will have an easy way to start a conversation and know more about your personality. However, we suggest being honest in this section. Experienced HRs can easily sniff lies from a distance. Lying about your interests can negatively impact the other party, resulting in watching your opportunity slipping off your hands.

Ask For Referrals

Irrespective of wherever you stand in your professional career, references can easily help you cut through the noise. Candidates with a higher number of referrals gain most of the attention. That’s because such candidates have professionals to back their applications. Usually, fresh graduates with no experience have a hard time securing a job role. You may hire our experienced graduate CV writers online if that’s the case. They know how to craft exceptional vitaes for fresh graduates. Hence, you won’t have to juggle this task.

Don’t Fear Your Skills

It’s fine if you don’t completely satisfy the criteria mentioned in the job advertisement. Research reveals that females tend to apply only if they 100% satisfy the required skillset. It’s great if you possess the required skillset, but it’s okay not possessing all of it under your belt. If you tick 60% of the mentioned requirements, go ahead and apply for the position. Keep your confidence levels high when recruiters ask you how you’d compensate for the missing skills. Tell them you are open to growth and would love to add new skills to your skillset toolbox.

Tailor Your Resume

That’s the biggest blunder that every job-hunter commits. Tailoring your resume should be your priority, even if you are applying for a similar role/position. Keep multiple versions of your vitae. Although the professional timeline would stay the same, you can play with the skills mentioned in your resume. Tailoring your CV according to the position you are applying for ensures the hiring manager doesn’t have to guess if you are a good fit. Instead, they are convinced that you are the best choice.

Send A Follow-Up Email

Pin your ears – we are revealing the best tip for job hunting of 2023 – recruiters remember applicants who send a follow-up email. The email can be about anything. Either you can send a thank you email after 24 hours. Or perhaps you can tell them that you are still interested in the position and looking forward to their response. You may also mention that you enjoyed speaking to them. All of this greatly impacts the hiring managers and the odds of getting selected roar to the sky.



Indeed, job searches can be overwhelming at times! Try figuring out things first to keep yourself away from being snowed under doubts. Pen down roles you are interested in, a salary range that will allure you enough, and consider other factors that can impact your decision. By this, you’ll be able to narrow down your job hunt and land better opportunities, just like you could have dreamt of. Then, prepare for your interview, stay confident, and you will surely ace it.

Don’t forget to tell us which of the mentioned job-hunting tips for 2023 helped you the most.

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