Steps and examples to write a convincing executive CV in Ireland

Steps and examples to write a convincing executive CV in Ireland

Need a good job?

Want to strike an ever-lasting impression in the corporate world? 

Want to be on top of your hunting game?

Well, questions like this must be rolling over in your brain most of the time, and make your head bang like a boggling nutcracker! But, wait a minute don’t be a lame fuzzy bear growling in the jungle of possibilities. Take a leap of faith, by keeping your eyes wide open. Because this community of job seekers is very vast and happening for sure.

So red-headed gingers! Here we will give some AHMAZING pointers which will not only help you craft an executive level CV but, will also aid you in seizing the profession of your dream.

Sell yourself 

In this world everything comes with a cost attached to it. Where you simply cannot be empty-handed and contemplate that things will work for you, without giving something on the table. Here you will have to pitch for your skills, simply you have to sell yourself in front of the possible job market, in order to grab a spot!

The reason for writing this pointer at first is to make things crystal clear. This world is full of doers, so take this step and make the marketing pitch in your head. So gear, and upstart selling your high points.

Contact list information

Everything goes down the drain if the human resource recruiter can’t contact you. So remember when making your CV the starting point of your CV should be straightaway to indicate your contact information. Which comprise;

  • Email address
  • Residential address
  • Cell-phone number
  • Landline number
  • Location
  • And, don’t forget your name.

Omit personal details 

The prime goal of the CV is to enhance and highlight your career and educational details, not to focus on your personal details. When drafting your resume, always know that things like; religion, date of birth, social security number, graduation year, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, political connection, and hobbies should not be mentioned. Because these things directly hint at discrimination and it’s against the human rights convention.

Professional email address 

No one will be going to take you seriously if you have an email address that bags such non-serious names as [email protected]and [email protected]. If your goal is to get an executive-level job then focus on creating an email address that simply looks and sounds professional without any shenanigans attached. You should use your name and your initials to make a distinctive email address and still intact professional touch. For instance: [email protected] [email protected]

Work experience 

You have to present your work experience in a way that will reflect your productivity by higher means. The goal should be to increase your worth in the long run, in this way the recruiter will get an estimated idea about your previous designation and your responsibility attached to it.

The professional CV writing service has such a treasury of words that gives an impactful meaning, and also curates the best possible livable treasury. Although, if you are designing your resume by your means, so just remember these three things in the heading;

  • Numbers and data
  • Timeframe
  • Your actions (your job duties)

List the skills 

When you are on the section of listing skills, try to focus on the relevant ones. Just write those who add weight to the resume and the potential job you are applying, for instance; if you are applying for an accounting role, your skills in creative writing, physics, and chemistry expertise won’t impress anyone. So be sure in this sphere, always list those things that relate and make your worth increase.

Additional sections usage

It is surely not a bad idea, if you add an additional section under your CV. This can be anything like; languages, hobbies, volunteer experience, certificates, awards, practical projects, and extra-curricular. Just make sure the resume don’t look over crowded and crammed up. Make added sections in a systematic and aligned way.

Font size

Normally people who make CVs on their own knows these kind of specifications. But, if you happen to be the 1st timer, then this can be a little challenging for you. The font size should be no more than 12 points. This size makes your CV easily readable, and understandable and also saves space too. Remember that whatever size you choose, that should be used throughout the text.

Font design/layout 

The executive CV in Ireland should have universal basic fonts. Like Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri. These type of fonts is easily available in Microsoft word on all windows theme PC and laptops. And if you are designing your CV in adobe illustrator, then make sure you are sending your CV in PDF file format, otherwise, the adobe file extension won’t open in word and if the recruiter happens to have adobe but doesn’t have that specific font file, your entire hard work will become worthless.

Avoid talking about the money matter

CV is not a place where you talk about money and discuss salary. Even the former jobs which you have mentioned, don’t ever put the salary amount there. This will portray you as a money-minded individual.  Just wait there and the time will come, where you can discuss the salary probably in the 2nd or 3rd interview.

Avoid talking in 2nd or 3rd person

Never attempt to write a CV is 3rd person, this will not make the recruiter think that somebody else wrote it for you but, will also create a notion like you are not capable enough to do such petty things like writing your resume. Focus on action words and try to avoid the usage of “I”. This will create a mind-picture personality-driven.

The one page CV game

Try to maximize your CV in one page or max 2 pages, only if you have tons of work experience. If you happen to be an experienced one in the field, try to mention only the last 10 years of job experience. And, if you are putting your summer job cashier experience or a fast-food server work responsibility (exclude that ASAP!). The recruiter is looking for someone who is well versed in the field, not someone who knows how to fry the fries with an adequate amount of salt.

Include your LinkedIn profile link

LinkedIn is like your virtual resume, where the corporate world hangs out most beneficially. This is not your Facebook profile, here you will have to list down your credentials and also can undertake many professional courses to enhance your career objective. So, mentioning the URL of your profile in the CV is the need for time.

Honesty is the best policy

Don’t lie in your CV, although, if it is not detected at 1st but, when you are cross-questioned in this regard how embarrassing it would be when things, as a result, came contrary to the thing listed in the resume. So, be honest and true to yourself, these short-cuts help no one. Being true and confident about yourself will be the best possible thing which you have done for yourself.

Address employment gaps

Any unaddressed gap in your job timeline will surely be a red flag! So try to address that most systematically, because the recruiter might think you are a job hopper or may be fired from the previous job. So, you can address that in two ways you were a stay-at-home parent or took a year off and traveled the world.


Here applying these near-to-perfect pointers by our professional staff will be a rock-solid step in enhancing your CV at the executive level, keeping in mind the Irish job market. This will not only plays an absolute driven force for your career but, will impact weighing the worthiness scale up.

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